Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why the Hell is Best Buy Staying Open for Thanksgiving?

In a fit of impotent rage, I decided to run off a letter to Best Buy in response to the fact that they have decided to stay open during the Thanksgiving holiday. I know that this is a widespread issue that extends far beyond Best Buy. It truly is a systemic problem born out of consumerism and commercialism run amok. If these workers had adequate union representation, then they could more effectively advocate for time off during the holidays. I tend to believe that this recent trend of stores staying open during Thanksgiving is indicative of larger economic issues. I’m certain that this single letter will have no real or lasting effect, but it made me feel good, and I believe that concerted writing campaigns can in fact have an impact. Feel free to steal any of this for your own ineffective expression of anger and despair.

Dear Best Buy,

My name is Tom Birkenstock, and I am writing to express my dismay that you have chosen to stay open on Thanksgiving. Keeping your store open on a holiday is harmful to your employees who wish to be spending time with their families as well as to Thanksgiving as an American tradition. I believe that your choice to stay open on Thanksgiving cheapens the holiday and hurts those in your employ.

I have been a customer of your store for well over a decade. During that time I’ve been attracted to Best Buy because of the convenience of your selection and the helpfulness of your staff. But because of your decision to stay open on Thanksgiving, I have decided to stop shopping at your store. Recently I needed accessories for my laptop, but I purposefully chose to shop at one of your competitors specifically because you decided to stay open during the holiday. I will also refuse to do any shopping at Best Buy in the coming months.

This may only cost your company a few hundred dollars this year, but I don’t think I am alone in my belief that you are harming America’s holiday tradition. I hope that in the future you will decide that not only is staying open on Thanksgiving a poor economic choice, but it is an immoral choice.


-Tom Birkenstock

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